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How To Start A Craftsman Lawn Mower? Step By Step Guide

How To Start A Craftsman Lawn Mower (1)

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Starting a lawn mower may seem like an impossible challenge for those unfamiliar with yard maintenance or home improvement chores.


Properly starting a lawn mower ensures its efficiency and lifespan. A well-maintained lawn mower makes mowing easier and more fun. 


This article will show you how to start a Craftsman lawn mower, a trusted brand. Craftsman lawn mowers start with a few simple steps. 


The following steps will show you how to start a Craftsman lawn mower:


  1. Parking Brake Engagement
  2. Throttle Adjustment
  3. Choking the Engine
  4. Starting the Engine


We’ve covered the above steps indepth. You can also read the general steps to start a lawn mower


Let’s dive!

6 Steps to Start A Cub Cadet Lawn Mower:

1) Parking Brake Engagement:

Be sure to engage the parking brake before starting the engine. By doing this, you will prevent the mower from moving unexpectedly as you start it.

2) Throttle Adjustment:

After that, adjust the throttle to a comfortable position. Depending on the model of your Craftsman lawn mower, the recommended position of the throttle may vary. Ensure your mower is in the correct position by consulting its owner’s manual.

3) Choking the Engine:

To start a cold engine, you may have to choke it. The engine will receive additional fuel as a result. Ensure that the choke lever on your engine is set to the “Choke” position to choke the engine.

4) Starting the Engine:

You can now pull the starter cord after engaging the parking brake, adjusting the throttle, and choking the engine (if necessary). Grab the handle of the starter cord firmly while standing behind the mower. When the engine starts, pull the cord smoothly and firmly. After starting the engine, let the cord retract back into the mower.

Mowing Techniques:

A well-cared-for lawn is a visible indicator of a home’s cleanliness and value, so it’s crucial to mow it correctly. To help you get going, I have compiled a few pointers.

Proper Mowing Height:

Change the height of the deck to the level recommended for your type of grass to avoid scalping or hurting the grass.

Fuel and Oil Check:

Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Craftsman lawn mower running smoothly and reliably for many seasons. Normal upkeep procedures and troubleshooting advice are detailed below.

Regular Maintenance:

  1. Oil changes are essential for keeping an engine in good working order, so schedule them regularly.
  2. Removing debris from the air filter may boost engine power and efficiency.
  3. Check the spark plug, replace it if it’s worn out, and sharpen the blades for a clean cut and healthy grass.
  4. To keep the engine and other parts of the mower from clogged up with grass clippings, leaves, and other debris, you should clean the mower after each use.


  1. If the engine doesn’t turn over, ensure the fuel cut-off valve is open and the oil level is at the proper level.
  2. Check the air filter and spark plug if the engine is sluggish.
  3. If the engine doesn’t start, try adjusting the throttle or the choke.
  4. If the blades don’t turn, check the position of the blade engagement lever.

What should I do if the engine doesn't start or stalls?

  1. Ensure the fuel shutoff valve is in the “On” position if the engine won’t start.
  2. Check the spark plug and air filter if the engine runs rough.
  3. If the engine stalls, check the throttle and choke.
  4. Ensure the blade engagement lever is in the correct position if the blades are not spinning.


A well-started and well-maintained Craftsman lawn mower will serve its owner well for many years to come. 


Detailed instructions for starting a Craftsman lawn mower are here. As with suggestions for addressing some of the most typical starting issues and keeping the mower in peak condition.


If you want your Craftsman lawn mower to perform well and survive for years. You should follow the suggested procedures for starting and maintaining it. 


Doing so may make mowing your lawn less of a chore and more of a pleasure. As well as save you money in the long run by reducing the need for repairs and replacements.

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