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Yard Machines 20 Inch Push Mower | Expert Review | Buy Now

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The Yard Machines 11A 20-inch with a 125-cc engine is a solid choice if you’re looking for a sturdy and productive gas lawn mower under $300. This lawn mower’s robust engine and sturdy frame make it ideal for cutting grass.


Our focus in this evaluation is on the Yard Machines 11A 20-inch model powered by a 125cc engine, and we’ll be taking a close look at its features and advantages. 


We’ll closely examine its specs to see what makes it a popular option for homeowners who care about their lawn’s appearance and health.


This review will provide all the information you need to determine if the Yard Machines 11A 20-inch with 125cc engine is the right lawn mower for you, whether you are an experienced landscaper or a first-time owner. 


Let’s check detailed specifications, features, buying guide, and more.

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In-depth Features:

Powerful 125cc OHV Briggs & Stratton engine:

An OHV Briggs & Stratton 125cc engine powers Yard Machines 11A 20 inches with a 125CC engine. Mowing tough grass and weeds are easy with this engine. You can mow your lawn quickly and easily with the engine’s easy starting and smooth running.

Durable 18 Gauge Steel Deck:

Despite its 20-inch size, the Yard Machines 11A 20-inch with 125cc engine is made of 18-gauge steel, ensuring that it will withstand regular use and remain in good condition for many years. In addition, this deck provides good cutting performance, with a 20-inch cutting width that allows you to cover more ground in less time.

Adjustable Cutting Height:

With a 125cc engine, the cutting height of the Yard Machines 11A 20 inches can be adjusted in three positions, from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. It allows you to adjust the cutting height according to your lawn’s needs, whether you want a short, well-kept lawn or one that is longer and more natural.

Push Drive System:

With the Yard Machines 11A 20-inch with 125cc engine, you can manually control the mower’s speed and direction thanks to its push drive system. Compared with self-propelled models, it is easier to maneuver around obstacles and tight spaces and more affordable.

Mulching Capability:

With its 125cc engine, the Yard Machines 11A 20-inch can mulch. As a natural fertilizer, it chops grass clippings and distributes them evenly across your lawn. Mulching blades (sold separately) are required to mulch effectively.

Side Discharge Option:

Yard Machines 11A 20 inches with 125cc engine mulches and discharges to the sides. The grass clippings can be discharged to the side of the mower this way. This is excellent in areas with a lot of debris or objects that could block the mower.

Capacity for Bagging:

The Yard Machines 11A 20-inch with 125cc engine has a 1.9-bushel bag for lawn cuttings. The lawn can be kept neat by using this method. Also, you can compost the clippings.

Easily maneuverable:

The 56-pound Yard Machines 11A 20-inch with 125cc engine is easy to move about your yard. Furthermore, it has 7-inch and 8-inch wheels, which provide good stability and traction on uneven or sloped terrain.

Limited 2-year Warranty:

The Yard Machines 11A 20-inch mower has a 2-year limited guarantee for further peace of mind.

Pros and Cons:


  • Powerful 209cc engine
  • Wide 21-inch cutting deck
  • 3-in-1 cutting system (bagging, mulching, side discharge)
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Self-propelled for easy operation
  • Padded and comfortable handle
  • Durable steel cutting deck and heavy-duty wheels
  • Competitive and affordable price
  • Versatile tool for a variety of lawn care tasks


  • Not suitable for very large lawns

Buying Guide:

Assessing your lawn care requirements and preferences is essential before investing in a Yard Machines 11A 20-inch with 125cc engine. These include the size and shape of your yard, the grass kind you have, and whether you want to mulch, bag, or side-discharge your grass trimmings. 


This mower has certain drawbacks, including the fact that it is not ideal for all users due to its push drive mechanism, and its cutting width may need to be insufficient for particularly large lawns. 


If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient lawn mower, this one is a good alternative thanks to its powerful engine, sturdy deck, adjustable cutting height, and simple mobility. 


For a detailed buying guide, click here:


In conclusion, the Yard Machines 11A 20-inch lawn mower with a 125cc engine is a great choice for homeowners because of its lightweight structures and mobility, powerful engine, sturdy deck, and adjustable cutting height. 


This lawn mower is an excellent choice for various maintenance tasks. The mower’s mulching feature and 2-year limited guarantee further cement it’s status as a worthy investment for consumers.


 The Yard Machines 11A is a wonderful choice for individuals who want to keep their lawn looking well-kept, despite possible drawbacks, such as the push drive method and limited bagging capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

SAE30 is best engine oil that is used in this lawn mower.

There are approximately 56 pounds of weight in the mower.

The mower indeed comes with a two-year limited warranty.

If you want to mulch with the mower, purchase a separate mulching blade, as the mower does not come with one.

The mower can’t move because it doesn’t have a self-propelled drive system.

A lever on the mower lets you change the cutting height from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches.

The mower has a maximum of 20 inches in terms of cutting width.

There is the ability to bag with this mower, but the 1.9-bushel bag limits its use.

The mower has a side-discharge option, but not all lawns are right, so check before you buy.

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