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How To Start A Zero Turn Lawn Mower? Step By Step Guide

How To Start A Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Owning a zero-turn mower means accessing a powerful and efficient instrument for maintaining a beautiful lawn. 


However, unlike a regular push mower, starting a zero-turn mower might be more involved. Because of this, we’ve made this article to show you how to start your zero-turn lawnmower correctly. 


Here are the main steps to start a zero turn lawn mower:


  1. Inserting The Key
  2. Turning On The Fuel Supply
  3. Engaging The Brakes
  4. Setting The Parking Brake
  5. Starting The Engine
  6. Checking Engine RPM
  7. Adjusting Engine RPM


We’ll guide you through everything from setting the parking brake to fine-tuning the mower’s behavior using the throttle and steering levers. 


We’ve covered the above steps indepth. You can also read the general steps to start a lawn mower


We’ll also cover zero-turn lawnmower startup and maintenance difficulties. This article is for zero-turn mower beginners and experienced gardening enthusiasts.

7 Steps To Start A Zero Turn Lawn Mower:

1) Inserting The Key:

You will need to turn the ignition on by inserting the key into it and turning it to “on”.

2) Turning On The Fuel Supply:

You will need to make sure that the fuel valve is turned on.

3) Engaging The Brakes:

Using the foot pedals, you can engage the brakes by depressing them.

4) Setting The Parking Brake:

During the engine’s start-up, it is wise to set the parking brake to prevent the mower from moving.

5) Starting The Engine:

It would help if you turned the key to the “start” position for the engine to start.

6) Checking Engine RPM:

Ensure that the engine is running at the correct speed by checking the RPM of the engine.

7) Adjusting Engine RPM:

Using the throttle control, you can adjust the engine RPM if necessary.

Understanding The Controls:

As a homeowner, it is very significant that you understand the location and function of each control on a zero-turn mower before operating it.


Types Of Controls:

One of the most significant components of a zero-turn mower is the control system, which usually includes a throttle, speed control, cutting height adjustment, and steering wheel.


Function Of Each Control:

A steering wheel or handle controls the mower’s direction
The speed control controls the mower’s speed
The cutting height adjustment sets the height of the grass
The throttle controls the engine’s RPM

Maintenance And Care:

When it comes to maintaining a zero-turn mower, it is very helpful to follow a regular maintenance schedule. This will help you properly take care of the mower, so it stays in good working condition.

Regular Maintenance:

If you clean the deck and change the oil on your mower regularly, you can extend its life and keep it running smoothly. You should also change the oil in your mower and check your air filter regularly.

Storing The Mower:

Keeping the lawn mower clean and removing all grass clippings is the most effective way to store it. Additionally, it would help if you stored the mower in a dry, protected place to prevent damage.

Cleaning The Mower:

Keeping the mower clean after each use will prolong its lifespan and make it less likely to break down. Make sure to clean the deck, engine, and other parts containing debris and grass clippings.

Sharpening The Blades:

When it comes to cutting, sharp blades are essential to achieving a clean, even cut. Maintain the blades by sharpening them regularly or replacing them when necessary.

Checking The Tires:

You should check your tires regularly for proper inflation and wear. The mower will run smoothly when the tires are under the proper pressure.


In conclusion, you must set up everything, learn how to use the controls, cut the grass, and take care of your zero-turn mower.


If you follow this procedure, you can start your zero-turn mower fast and safely while keeping it in good working condition.


Always use caution around power tools, and consult a professional if you have any questions about starting or operating a zero-turn mower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

To start a zero-turn mower, you must first ensure it is neutral. Then, turn the key to the on position, then turn the key to start the engine.

Typically, the controls on a zero-turn mower consist of the steering wheel or handles, the speed control lever, the height adjustment lever, and the key that starts the mower.

It is possible to control the mower’s speed using the speed control lever. This lever controls how fast the mower goes, so you can control how fast the grass cuts off. 

An adjustment lever on the mower enables you to adjust the mower’s cutting height. This provides you with a more precise and even cut by adjusting the height of the grass at the time of cutting.

It is important to note that mowing techniques will vary significantly depending on the type of grass, terrain, and personal preferences. One of the most common types of lawn mowing is mowing back and forth. So, to ensure the grass cuts evenly and cleanly, each pass overlaps the previous one.

As a general rule, zero-turn mowers must drive slowly so that one can always stay in control. Do not attempt to mow too steep of a hill, as this can be very dangerous for the operator.

Several tasks will help extend the life of your lawn mower. These include oil changes, air filter checks, and deck cleaning. These will keep it running smoothly for a longer period.

It is imperative to clean the mower thoroughly before storing it and to remove any excess grass clippings. You should also ensure that the mower is in a dry, safe place, so it doesn’t get any harm.

The most effective way to extend the life of your lawn mower is to clean it after every use. Take a moment to clean the deck, the engine, and other mower parts to remove any grass clippings or debris.

To achieve a clean and even cut, it is essential to have sharp blades. It’s important to keep them sharp; if they become dull over time, you may need to buy new ones.

If you plan to use your zero-turn mower, check the oil level, air filter, and tires to ensure they are inflated and worn properly. Also, ensure the mower is in good working order, and make sure all safety precautions have been taken.


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