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Cub Cadet Ultima ZT2 60 Review: High Performance Mower

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT2 60

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Cub Cadet’s ZT2 60 zero-turn mower is a high-powered model suitable for professional and domestic landscaping.


This cub cadet mower has a 60-inch cutting deck and a 23-horsepower engine, making short work of thick grass on expansive lawns.


If you want strong, efficient, and long-lasting equipment to mow your lawn, go no further than the Cub Cadet ZT2 60.


The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 is a dependable and powerful lawn mower that is up to the task of cutting through thick grass on expansive lawns.


The ZT2 60 is a commercial-grade mower with a hydrostatic transmission and many other extra features.


However, you should probably look elsewhere if you need to mow a hilly or sloping lawn.


The ZT2 60 is helpful for commercial landscapers and homeowners because of its adjustable cutting height and ergonomic operator seat.


This review will analyze the Cub Cadet ZT2 60 in detail to evaluate its features and functionality.


You’ll also learn how to start a cub cadet ultima ZT2 60. 

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The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 lawn mower’s specs are shown below.

In-depth Features:


The ZT2 60 Cub Cadet is equipped with a 23-horsepower Kohler 7000-series engine, making it both powerful and fuel-efficient. The engine is built to last, making it ideal for continuous, rigorous usage.

Assembling Deck:

The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 has a 60-inch cutting deck, making it ideal for big lawns and thick grass. The 11-gauge manufactured steel used to construct the deck makes it a solid, long-lasting work surface. Moreover, a washout port is conveniently located on the deck for routine cleaning and upkeep.

Getting Down to Size:

The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 offers various cutting heights between 1.5 and 4 inches. It’s simple to vary between cutting heights thanks to the hand lever conveniently located on the deck.


The hydrostatic transmission of the Cub Cadet ZT2 60 makes it easy and quick to move about. Because of the hydrostatic transmission, changing speeds is simple, and the vehicle is more maneuverable.


With its top speed of 7 mph, the Cub Cadet ZT2 60 is ideal for swiftly mowing across big areas.


The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 weighs 699 pounds as a commercial and domestic heavy-duty mower.


Precision and agility are yours to command with the twin lap bar steering of the Cub Cadet ZT2 60. The ergonomically shaped lap bars make even the longest mowing periods more bearable.


Strong and long-lasting aluminum spindles are standard on the Cub Cadet ZT2 60.


The Cub Cadet ZT2 60’s side discharge feature makes cutting grass and disposing of the cuttings quick and simple.

Elevator Deck:

The deck lift of the Cub Cadet ZT2 60 is actuated with your foot, making it simple to find your ideal cutting height.

Timing Device/ Hour Meter:

An hour meter on the Cub Cadet ZT2 60 lets you keep track of how long you’ve been mowing with it. You may keep track of the mower’s performance over time and plan maintenance accordingly.

Engagement of the Blades:

The electric PTO of the Cub Cadet ZT2 60 makes engaging and disengaging the blades a breeze. At this, the mower may be started and stopped with a button.

Adjustment of leveling Adjustment:

When using the deck-leveling Adjustment on the Cub Cadet ZT2 60, you may tailor the deck’s height to your preferences for a more customized and exact cut.

Mulching Kit:

When you purchase the optional mulching kit for the Cub Cadet ZT2 60, you can turn your grass clippings into a fine mulch that can be used as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.


The clippings may be easily collected in a bag and disposed of or composted with the help of the bagger accessory that is available for the Cub Cadet ZT2 60.

Brake Lights/Trailer Hitch:

Trailer Hitch is an available accessory for the Cub Cadet ZT2 60 that facilitates the towing of trailers to transport tools, supplies, and other equipment.

Size of Tire:

The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 has a sturdy foundation provided by its 15×6 front and 20×10 rear tires.


A three-year limited warranty is included with purchasing a Cub Cadet ZT2 60, giving you time to consider your purchase with complete confidence.

Further Functions:

Pros and Cons:


  • Adjustable cutting height, spindle, and Deck leveling adjustment
  • Powerful 23 horsepower Kohler 7000 series engine
  • A 60-inch cutting deck made of 11-gauge fabricated steel
  • Hydrostatic transmission for smooth and efficient operation
  • Adjustable cutting height and deck leveling adjustment
  • Dual lap bar steering for precise control and maneuverability
  • Electric PTO for easy blade engagement and disengagement
  • Additional options like the mulching kit, bagger, and Trailer Hitch are available


  • Not suitable for mowing steep inclines
  • Not suitable for hilly terrains
  • Not suitable for mowing watered grass

Cub Cadet ZT2 60 Buying Guide:

The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 is an excellent choice if you need a high-performance zero-turn mower.


This mower can easily handle huge lawns and difficult terrains. Thanks to its 60-inch cutting deck, strong 24 HP engine, and sturdy steel frame.


The ZT2 60’s high-back seat has armrests and vibration dampeners. Which makes even the longest mowing periods more bearable.


It’s important to note that the ZT2 60 comes from the reputable Cub Cadet brand. So you can rest assured that you’re making a sound investment.


Finally, if you want a detailed buying guide about a zero turn lawn mower click here.


The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 is a sturdy and efficient lawn mower that was built for use in both residential and commercial areas.


Its characteristics include a strong engine, so it can easily handle vast lawns and thick grass. Additionally, it has several other advantages.


Additionally, the ZT2 60 has a comfortable operator’s seat and a broad range of cutting heights, making it an adaptable option suitable for lawn care professionals and homeowners.


Because it has so many extra functions, it may adapt to your requirements and inclinations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

A powerful 23-horsepower Kohler 7000-series engine powers the Cub Cadet ZT2 60.

The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 has a cutting deck that is 60 inches in diameter and is built of 11-gauge manufactured steel.

The hydrostatic gearbox of the Cub Cadet ZT2 60 ensures a comfortable and productive ride.

With the Cub Cadet ZT2 60’s height-adjustable cutting blade, you can get a clean, professional cut every time.

Because of its twin lap bar steering, the Cub Cadet ZT2 60 is easy to use and maneuver in confined places and around obstacles.

In case of any problems with your Cub Cadet ZT2 60 mowers during that time, you can rest easy knowing that a three-year limited guarantee covers it.

The Mulching Kit, Bagger, and Trailer Hitch are all available accessories for the Cub Cadet ZT2 60, expanding its usefulness and adaptability even more.

The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 is an excellent choice for commercial and residential settings, making it a popular option among lawn care providers.

The Cub Cadet ZT2 60 is a great option for anyone caring for a lawn since it can easily handle flat, hilly, and uneven surfaces.

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